Growing up in a family struggling with alcoholism, addiction or other difficult family situations can follow a child into adulthood, creating problems with health, work, love and relationships.

Originally written in 1984 to guide adults in addressing issues related to family alcoholism and addiction in the lives of young children, I'm So Glad You Asked has reached early childhood professionals across the continent and around the world. One after another, year after year, these professionals have shared with us that it is not only a wonderful curriculum and guide for addressing issues related to addiction, but that it is equally helpful when addressing ANY issue that a child might feel they need to "keep a secret."

Using practical, non–judgmental, instruction, lessons and activities, I'm So Glad You Asked helps adults to guide young children gently toward understanding what they are seeing, experiencing and feeling.

Please consider I'm So Glad You Asked when addressing: Alcoholism, Addiction, Bullying, Death or Loss, Deportation, Divorce or Separation, Domestic or Community Violence, Children with Incarcerated Parents, Poverty, Sexual Abuse or any other difficult issue that might cause a child to feel sadness, fear, confusion or shame.

Thank you again for your commitment to children and the work you do in the world.